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  • How did you get my information?
    The sale of property is public record in the State of Pennsylvania. We review all real estate transactions to identify the properties that are being overtaxed. If you received information from us, our records indicate you just purchased the home and the amount you paid is less than the value the county taxes your property at.
  • How do you determine if my property is over-assessed?
    As licensed real estate professionals, we review all reported home sales on the MLS and compare every property to their associated tax assessed values. When we find properties where a discrepancy exists, we evaluate the tax savings potential if an appeal was filed. Homeowners that recently purchased their homes have the best likelihood of a successful appeal.
  • How is my home taxed?
    The property taxing process begins when the county tax assessor determines your home's taxable value. In Pennsylvania, the taxable value of a home is a percentage of its "actual value"—basically, what the home would sell for on the open market.
  • How long does a property tax appeal typically take?
    The deadline for Tax Appeals is August 1 of each year. Tax appeal hearings begin in the Spring every year, and continue to take place through the end of the year. Results of the appeal hearing will be reflected in the following years taxes.
  • Do I need to be present during the assessment appeal process?
    Tax Assessment Appeals are a legal proceeding that takes place in front of members from the Board of Assessment Appeals. PA Tax Crushers partner attorney handles the actual proceeding so that you do not need to be present. PA Tax Crushers provides the attorney and covers all attorney fees as part of the service.
  • How often should I consider reassessing my property tax?
    Homeowners should continue to monitor their county's common level ratio as it adjusts yearly. Common level ratios are updated yearly at the following link: Common Level Ratios ( Once you know the common level ratio, multiply the ratio by your homes tax assessed value. The result of this calculation is the amount that the county is taxing your property based on. If this figure is greater than your actual home is worth, it would be worth considering an assessment appeal.
  • Are there any potential risks in appealing my property tax?
    When an appeal hearing takes place, the county considers all information provided to adjust the property's tax assessed value. The county could raise the tax assessed value if proof provided deemed that the property is worth more than currently assessed. PA Tax Crushers and our attorney evaluates all factors in terms of a home's tax assessed value and the market value of a home. If the tax appeal is not appear beneficial to the homeowner, we would not recommend moving forward.
  • What distinguishes PA Tax Crushers from other property tax appeal services?
    There are many law firms that handle tax assessment appeals when they are approached by potential clients. At PA Tax Crushers, unlike law firms, we are real estate professionals versed in current market values and seeking out homeowners that are being unfairly taxed. We handle all of the tasks for our clients and work alongside our partner attorney to provide maximum results for our clients.
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