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Our service has been created to save homeowners from being overtaxed on their property taxes

    Complicated Tax

PA Tax Crushers was created due to the very complicated tax code in the State of Pennsylvania. Many homeowners have no idea what their tax assessment means and how it relates to the value of their home. Due to that lack of understanding, most homeowners have no idea if they are being unfairly taxed.




Our service seeks to provide the most convenient service possible. Once our client's agree to have PA Tax Crushers represent them in their tax assessment appeal, almost all of the required tasks will be completed by PA Tax Crushers. The only items you will need to provide are the settlement sheet from your home purchase, and the appraisal that was completed by your mortgage company.





Once you submit the above documents, PA Tax Crushers will submit your appeal to the County Board of Assessment. We will submit all of the required documentation and our attorney will represent you in front of the Board of Assessment at the appeal hearing. You will not be required to attend and our attorney will present everything needed at the hearing to make the case to have your property assessment reduced.

Convenient Service

Submit Tax Document

County Hearing Tax

After the hearing, the County will provide the results once a decision has been rendered. Once the results are received, we will provide a report documenting the results and showing the tax savings based off of the new assessment value. 


Our fee structure is based off of the outcome of your appeal. If our service results in at least $500 of savings yearly, then it is a one time flat fee of $500. If the appeal results in savings of over $1,000 yearly, the fee is half of the overall first year reduction. If the appeal results in less than $500 of savings, our service is FREE. No fee is charged until after the successful results are received. 

County Hearing Tax

Successful Tax Appeal

We feel our service is a no brainer to our clients. After the successful appeal and one time fee, your home will enjoy years of reduced property taxes. Our service requires quick action, as the sooner your appeal is filed after your purchase, the better case our attorney is able to make on your behalf. 





We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. You may utilize the chat feature on the bottom right of this page to ask any questions. If you would like to receive a breakdown of your potential tax savings, please complete the submission form at the bottom of the page. We look forward to the opportunity to "Crush Your Taxes". 

      Your Questions

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